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FDF 112: The Holiday Listener Questions Episode!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I answer listener questions! These have been on the shelf a while and they are really great. Tweet What kind of questions? Well, one myfitnesspal follower wants to know how she can stay motivated while going after her weight loss goals. I discuss the deep mindset […]

FDF 101: Home Workouts, Stalled Weight Loss, & More!

It’s time for another listener questions episode! These are some of my favorite podcasts to do because I get to address YOUR questions! Tweet Today’s show has a ton of topics including stalled weight loss, home workouts, varying rep ranges, dealing with binge eating & much more. I really think you’ll love the variety of […]

FDF 095: Cardio & Hunger, The 3 Phases of Fat Loss, & More!

In this solo episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I answer some great questions from The Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast Facebook Group! I also have a couple of questions from my Newsletter List. Tweet Lots of interesting fitness topics are covered in this episode – and you’ll be glad to know I embark on […]

FDF 092: Missing Abs, Fitness Apps, & Restarting your Fitness!

Today we venture into another Listener Questions Episode. I love to do these shows because I get to speak to a few of you directly. Not only that but many of us share the same or similar issues. Tweet In this episode I give you some books recommendations that could change your life, give you […]

FDF 082: More Listener Questions, HIIT Cardio & Fat Burners!

The most important thing to remember about the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast is that it is for YOU. I do this show for you guys – and that’s my main priority. Since I couldn’t get to all of the listener questions last week – I decided to do another episode! It’s the least I could […]

FDF 071: Passion, Motivation, & Listener Fitness Questions!

In this Episode of the Podcast I answer your questions! Trust me, you aren’t going to get bored with this one – topics abound in this show! Still, we are geared towards fitness…mostly anyway… Honestly, fitness isn’t as simple as getting the latest workout plan and getting started. It requires motivation, courage, and constancy. For […]

FDF Episode 065: 11 Listener Fitness Questions Answered!

As a Fitness Podcast host I get a lot of great questions from my listeners. So every now and then I take a show and answer them. It’s always a blast to get into the psyche of my audience – and this episode was no different. In fact, I found 11 questions that were begging […]

FDF Episode 054: Listener Questions: Aspartame, Insulin, Reps, & More!

Some of my favorite Podcasts to do are those geared towards the listeners – and their questions! Because without listeners this show would just be me sitting in a room jabbering aimlessly to a wall…i.e. me circa 2010 😉 We cover A LOT of topics in this episode – including aspartame, insulin levels, rep ranges, […]