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Worry Doesn’t Help You Attain Your Fitness Goals.

Hello my friend, welcome to the Full Disclosure Fitness Blog. I want to begin today with a quote from Walt Disney: “Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.” – Walt Disney I just returned from vacation at Walt Disney World yesterday. I had a great time […]

FDF 104: Ryan Bergren Discusses The Fitness Industry, Nutrition, & More!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I discuss the Fitness Industry, “muscle confusion”, and more with Medical Student, blogger, and fitness enthusiast Ryan Bergren! Tweet Ryan is a great guy and truly wants to help people achieve their fitness goals. He also studies fitness, nutrition, and mindset like a mad man – […]

FDF 101: Home Workouts, Stalled Weight Loss, & More!

It’s time for another listener questions episode! These are some of my favorite podcasts to do because I get to address YOUR questions! Tweet Today’s show has a ton of topics including stalled weight loss, home workouts, varying rep ranges, dealing with binge eating & much more. I really think you’ll love the variety of […]

FDF 096: Fitness, Business, & Life Success with Chris Samples!

Chris Samples of The Journey of Success Podcast (thejourneyofsuccess.com) comes on the show to discuss success in fitness, business, and life. Chris is a former Army Special Forces officer and 22 year military veteran. He has a great outlook and a ton of tips that will launch you to success in many areas of life. […]

FDF 095: Cardio & Hunger, The 3 Phases of Fat Loss, & More!

In this solo episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I answer some great questions from The Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast Facebook Group! I also have a couple of questions from my Newsletter List. Tweet Lots of interesting fitness topics are covered in this episode – and you’ll be glad to know I embark on […]

FDF 093: Diet Cults, Bad Foods, & Fitness Foundations with Deanna Harder!

Today we have fitness “coffee talk” with Personal Trainer, blogger, and fitness enthusiast Deanna Harder! Deanna has been on the show before and is a wealth of common sense information and advice. Tweet We leave no stones unturned in this episode – everything from fasting & binge eating to adjusting your fitness plan to your […]

FDF 092: Missing Abs, Fitness Apps, & Restarting your Fitness!

Today we venture into another Listener Questions Episode. I love to do these shows because I get to speak to a few of you directly. Not only that but many of us share the same or similar issues. Tweet In this episode I give you some books recommendations that could change your life, give you […]

FDF 091: Nia Shanks Talks Fitness, Diet, & Podcasting!

Nia Shanks is a fitness coach, host of the Lift Like a Girl Podcast, and the owner of liftlikeagirl.com. If you are a woman who is confused about women’s fitness Nia’s site/podcast is the place to go. Tweet In this conversation Nia and I get deep – and I don’t just mean our KY accents […]

FDF 084: Fitness & Happiness – A Jay Scott Short

Today I decided to do something different on the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast. It’s a bit of a rant, a bit of a lesson, a bit of truth… The fitness industry is filled with six pack donned men carrying a girl on each arm on the beach. It’s filled with “when I finally lose that […]

FDF 082: More Listener Questions, HIIT Cardio & Fat Burners!

The most important thing to remember about the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast is that it is for YOU. I do this show for you guys – and that’s my main priority. Since I couldn’t get to all of the listener questions last week – I decided to do another episode! It’s the least I could […]