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FDF 115: The Psychology of Fitness with Jay & Dan!

Fitness coach and friend Dan Go and I discuss the psychology and philosophy of fitness in this episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast. Tweet Dan and I allow ourselves to go deep into the mind and emotions that cause weight gain, bad habits, and other actions conducive to being out of shape and unhealthy. […]

FDF 080: 10 Fitness Myths BUSTED.

In Fitness and in life not every day is a good day. Some days you just feel – well – like crap. And those are the days when copious amounts of junk food start calling your name! Today on the Podcast I talk about my bad day and then discuss how you can avoid destroying […]

FDF 072: Deanna Harder & I Discuss Fitness, Mindset, & More!

Deanna Harder joins me on the show today! Deanna is a Personal Trainer, Figure Competitor, and blogger. She also is a listener of the FDF Podcast! Deanna is a very “common sense” oriented girl when it comes to fitness & nutrition – something that is severely lacking in the industry today. She also is an […]

FDF 070: Jay’s 5 New Years Resolution Tips for a Fit 2015!

New Years Resolutions seem to do one of two things to the psyche. They either make you want to get your butt in gear – or they make you want to throw up a little in your mouth. I think the reason half the people on earth are anti-resolution is because they are aware that […]

FDF Episode 057: 7 Fitness Myths BUSTED!

In this episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I get to the bottom of 7 Fitness Myths that are running rampant in the industry. Is aspartame terrible for you? What is aspartame anyway? Is HFCS something akin to rat poison? Does Salt cause high blood pressure? You’ll find out all of that and more […]

FDF Episode 048: Fitness Writer and Personal Trainer Bryan Krahn!

Every now and then you meet someone who has risen through the ranks of their industry (in this case the fitness industry) – but has not lost their humble and appreciative nature. This weeks guest, Fitness Writer and Personal Trainer Bryan Krahn, is most certainly one of those guys. Bryan is a prolific and high […]

FDF Episode 003: Meal Frequency and the Scoop on Fat Burning Supplements

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast Jay discusses Meal Frequency (and why you don’t have to eat every 3 hours), and give you the scoop on Fat Burning Supplements. Do they work? Find out in the 3rd Episode of Jay’s Podcast! Why eating more frequently isn’t magic Fat Burners? Do they work? […]