FDF Episode 017: Fitness, Eating Disorders & More with Armi Legge

In this episode of the FDF Fitness Podcast I get to discuss something I’ve always wanted to discuss in depth…  photo Armi.jpg

Eating Disorders.

I know now (and many of you do too) that I have a binge eating disorder – well in this interview I actually found out what personality traits I have that may be the root cause.

Eating disorder expert Armi Legge joins me in this episode of the Podcast and discusses the intricacies of diagnosing, living with, and overcoming eating disorders. This is a great episode that everyone can benefit from, not just those with eating disorders.

Armi runs a site for those who are prone to such diseases as bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating because of their personality type. High achieving Type A personalities. His site serves as a guide for health and fitness that holds these “over-achievers” in the road so to speak.

After re-listening to this episode I am even more inspired to keep my calorie deficit moderate and concentrate on the long haul of fitness and vitality.  That being said, we cover much more than strictly eating disorders in this info packed episode…

More specifically, in this episode you’ll find out:

  • The power of your mind in regards to eating habits.
  • Strategies to overcome “OCD” tendencies.
  • How Armi came back from near death Anorexia to become a top Athlete.
  • How to make sure you stick to your nutrition plan for life.
  • Why eating “clean” may not be the answer to your fat loss efforts.
  • How staying moderate with your diet can help you lose fat more effectively.
  • Why how much you “eat” depends on how much you “do”.
  • How to avoid overtraining from the very beginning of your program.
  • And much, much more!

Resources mentioned in this Session include:

Why People Believe Weird Things: Michael Shermer

Armi Legge’s main site Impruvism.com

Armi’s Personal Trainer Sofware

Armi’s Cheflabz Foodie Site

Armi’s Facebook Page

Armi’s Twitter

The FDF Podcast Facebook Page

The Jay Today Fitness Minute Video Series

Jay on Twitter

Thank you Armi!

Thank you Armi for coming on and giving us a great “history” of your life; from overcoming an eating disorder to making “science” based nutrition information your foundation. Really appreciate it!

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  • James October 2, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    Armi is a really smart chap

    • Jay October 5, 2013 at 3:24 pm

      Indeed he is James. He’s so smart I could barely keep up!


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