FDF 107: Jason Maxwell Talks Muscle Gain & Decembulk!


In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I discuss gaining muscle size, Decembulk, Movember and more with fitness coach Jason Maxwell!

Jason is a great guy to turn to if you want to gain some size on your guns – but he’s also a great guy to help you launch a vehicle that will fly within or above the Earth’s atmosphere (he’s a Rocket Scientist).

So settle in and hear Jason and I discuss muscle gain, Jason’s current residence of Malta, and how you can use the holiday’s higher calorie intake to boost some muscle gains!


More specifically in this episode you’ll find out:


  • How you can use different rep ranges to produce great muscle building results.

  • Why the “old bodybuilding” style of chest pressing has benefits too.

  • What you can do to steer those holiday treats to your biceps instead of your love handles.

  • Why a mustache looks better with muscles.

  • How you can use periodization to achieve great results in the gym.

  • What 3 factors determine muscle growth, and how you can maximize them!

  • And much more.


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Jason Maxwell’s Decembulk Program

Jason’s Website – jmaxfitness.com

Jason on Facebook

Follow me on Myfitnesspal

The Jay Scott Channel

iScienceFit Online Personal Training

The FDF Podcast Facebook Page

Follow Jay on Twitter!

Jay on Instagram



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