Fat Loss Transformation Vlog Updates From Jay & Scott!

It’s hard to believe that Scott Tousignant and I have been making these Fat Loss Transformation Videos for about 2 months! But times flies when you are having fun.full-disclosure-home

Fun, you ask? Do I actually think this is FUN? I have to say that yes, I’m having a great time with this process.

Sure I want to eat a Pizza and a dozen Doughnuts – but honestly this is all about weighing (no pun intended) the pros and cons. The cons of eating a copious amount of non-nutritive food far outweigh the pros.

I’m enjoying having a goal. I’m enjoying getting leaner. And I’m enjoying having a partner in crime throughout the process (thanks Scott T.).

So without further ado, scroll down and check out my progress so far – along with Scott’s progress. We are both kicking serious BooTay if I do say so myself…

How much longer are we going to be doing this? Well, until we are satisfied with our body fat levels. I can’t speak for Scott – but I’m personally thinking there will be at least 4 more weeks for me.

Hope these vids help you stay motivated – and be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channels for more great videos, tips, and recipes to help ya along your journey (links below).

Here is my first & seventh Fat Loss Transformation Vlogs; what a difference!


My Current Calories and Macros:


1600 calories for 7 days, then a 2500 calorie refeed. Refeeds are now needed every 7 days – I feel really depleted about that time!

Macros: My macros on the low days are 170g protein/120g Carbs/40g fat. My macros on my refeed day are 150g protein, then try my best to fill in the remainder with carbs. I try to eat as little fat as possible, but some sneaks in there naturally.

Cardio: 3-4x a week depending on how I feel, I just went from 30 minutes a session to 40 minutes a session; usually on the elliptical machine.

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Here is Scott Tousignant’s latest progress vid on his Aesthetic Muscle Journal:


Catch all of Scott Tousignant’s Weekly Progress Videos by Subscribing Below:


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Scott is really pumping out the videos on his site and YouTube Channel. He takes you behind the scenes for his daily eating, workouts, and family life. Be sure to head over to his site and check out his informative and motivating blogs – and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel as well!


Read Scott’s Blog at Metabolic Masterpiece Here


Thank you for checking us out, and I hope you enjoyed these Vlogs. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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