Fat Loss Transformation Vlog 2: The Winds of Change

It’s the second week of my Fat Loss Transformation – and my co-conspirator in this transformation process – Scott Tousignant and I are already looking much better. It’s really amazing what you can do in a week when your nutrition and exercise program is spot on.

As I discuss in this weeks video, I had a pretty big “whoosh” as Lyle McDonald calls it on the Tuesday after my Fat Loss Transformation Vlog 1 was recorded. I looked pretty terrible the night of the shoot, then amazingly tightened up quite a bit overnight.

Let this be a lesson to you guys – just because results aren’t visible in the mirror, on the scale, or on the tape measure – that doesn’t mean that what you are doing isn’t working.  Don’t go drastically reducing calories or adding tons of cardio willy nilly (love that saying) – wait until you are sure you need it.

I’ll link to the “whoosh” article below the videos, because everyone should know that, when dieting, you can sometimes look worse before you look better.

Regardless, I love it that Scott and I are doing this publicly. I’ve gotten lean countless times before, but never in such a public manner, where changes are documented weekly on video. It’s very interesting to watch it unfold – and with two different examples as well!

I think I kind of like this guinea pig thing…


Here is a link to my second Fat Loss Transformation Vlog:


My Current Calories and Macros:

1600 calories for 4 days, then a 1 day 2500 calorie refeed. I was having 2 2500 calorie refeeds a week, but I’ve pushed it back to 1 every 5 days.

Macros: My macros on the low days are 170g protein/120g Carbs/40g fat. My macros on my refeed day are 150g protein, then try my best to fill in the remainder with carbs. I try to eat as little fat as possible, but some sneaks in there naturally.

Cardio: 3-4x a week depending on how I feel.

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What, pray tell, is a “whoosh”? Find out here:

Of Whooshes and Squishy Fat – Lyle McDonald


Here is a link to Scott Tousignant’s Aesthetic Muscle Journal:


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Scott is really pumping out the videos on his site and YouTube Channel. He takes you behind the scenes for his daily eating, workouts, and family life. Be sure to head over to his site and check out his informative and motivating blogs – and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel as well (links below)!


Read Scott’s Blog at Metabolic Masterpiece Here


Thank you for checking us out, and I hope you enjoyed these Vlogs. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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  • Tracey April 22, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    Love the whoosh fairy!

    • Jay April 23, 2014 at 8:01 pm

      Me too Tracey! It’s amazing.

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