Check out the ringing endorsements below from some of the leading Professionals in Health and Fitness today. With seals of approval such as these  – you know you can trust your body and health with the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast.


“Jay asks all the right questions and gets to the heart of what’s important, sans all the silly filler most podcasts consist of.” -JC Deen, LGN365 Creator, Writer for Men’s Health, and Owner of JCD Fitness http://lgn365.com/ http://www.jcdfitness.com/Fitness_Expert_Approved2


“Jay genuinely cares about relaying quality content to his listeners. “Full Disclosure” isn’t just a tagline, it’s his way.” -Leigh Peele, Nationally Published Author featured in Men’s Health & The Washington Post, Author of ‘Starve Mode’ http://www.leighpeele.com/


“Jay’s Podcast was easy and fun, I felt like we kept moving along, kept giving kick-ass advice, and Jay knew what as up – not just parroting simplistic questions.” -Sol Orwell, Examine.com http://examine.com/



“I really enjoyed being a guest on Jay’s podcast – you can tell he has a passion for helping people, a way with words, and truly enjoys what he does.  I hope a get a chance to come back on the show!” -Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness http://www.nerdfitness.com


“Jay’s podcast is simple but effective; in much the same way that health and fitness should be. The questions he asked were concise and to the point and enabled me to get my point across without confusing his listeners. Add to that Jay is an all round cool guy and you’ve got a podcast worth listening to!” -Jack Coulson, Training Simply http://jackcoulson.co.uk/


“Being on the show with Jay was awesome! Jay is a very science-minded, no BS guy, and it was great to be able to chat with him, and to help him in his quest to bring science-based fitness to the average Joe.” -James Krieger, Weightology http://weightology.net/


“Jay does a great job with his Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast. He knows the right questions to ask and understands how to provide the right combination of science and practical info for the listener. I very much enjoyed the interview.” -Brad Schoenfeld, Look Great Naked http://www.lookgreatnaked.com/









“The Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast is a terrific resource for people who crave no nonsense fitness information.” -Nia Shanks, Lift Like a Girl  www.niashanks.com






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