FDF 109: The Jay & Leigh Peele Holiday Fitness Special!

It’s time for the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast Holiday Special with Leigh Peele! Honestly, can you think of a better co-host for a Holiday edition? I can’t! Tweet Leigh shares her thoughts on Holiday weight gain, mindset for success, staying thin during this tempting time of year and more. We also talk about the NFL, […]

FDF 108: The Motivation Episode; Fat Loss & Fitness Motivation!

In this Episode of the show I go deep into the mindset and motivation techniques that have helped me stay in great shape for years. I also dig into some new areas that I’m just learning to implement. Tweet I also use some quotes by master motivator and teacher Jim Rohn to show key points […]

FDF 107: Jason Maxwell Talks Muscle Gain & Decembulk!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I discuss gaining muscle size, Decembulk, Movember and more with fitness coach Jason Maxwell! Tweet Jason is a great guy to turn to if you want to gain some size on your guns – but he’s also a great guy to help you launch a vehicle […]

FDF 106: Fat Loss & Fitness Talk with Scott Tousignant!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I talk bodybuilding, women’s weight loss, workouts, and more with my pal Scott Tousignant of metabolicmasterpiece.com! Tweet Scott is a return guest (actually I think he’s been on the show more than anyone) and there is a good reason why. Scott is a wealth of information […]

FDF 105: How To Lose Fat.

This episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast is a bit different. It’s the first of a series of “lessons” that I’m going to be providing. This one teaches you everything you need to know about fat loss. Tweet We cover how to establish a powerful vision with dynamic “reasons” why you should lose fat. […]

FDF 104: Ryan Bergren Discusses The Fitness Industry, Nutrition, & More!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I discuss the Fitness Industry, “muscle confusion”, and more with Medical Student, blogger, and fitness enthusiast Ryan Bergren! Tweet Ryan is a great guy and truly wants to help people achieve their fitness goals. He also studies fitness, nutrition, and mindset like a mad man – […]

FDF 103: Jay Talks Motivation, Calories, Women’s Fat Loss, & More!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I have an honest conversation with the listeners. I get a lot of similar questions from fans of the show and I decided to address them. Tweet In this show you’ll learn how to really lose weight, if women have a tougher time losing fat than […]

FDF 102: Robbie Farlow Talks Fitness, Comics, Video Games, & More!

Robbie Farlow, Host of The Side Quest Fitness Podcast comes on the show to talk shop! Robbie is a great guy and a great fitness coach.  It doesn’t take us long to get into some great topics. Tweet First of all, like me, Robbie is a bit of a nerd. And while he enjoys Comic […]

FDF 101: Home Workouts, Stalled Weight Loss, & More!

It’s time for another listener questions episode! These are some of my favorite podcasts to do because I get to address YOUR questions! Tweet Today’s show has a ton of topics including stalled weight loss, home workouts, varying rep ranges, dealing with binge eating & much more. I really think you’ll love the variety of […]

FDF 100: Rog Law Talks Fitness, Bruce Lee, & Goal Attainment!

Rog Law of roglawfitness.com comes on the show this week! Rog is a trainer, blogger, and as you’ll see in this episode, a bit of philosopher too. He’s also funny and honestly one of my favorite people in the fitness industry. Tweet Rog can easily transition from deep topics that come precariously close to philosophy […]