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The Jay Today Fitness Minute 003

In episode 003 of The Jay Today Fitness Minute I discuss life’s similarities to a game. I truly believe that moving forward every single day (even if it’s only a little) is the mostimportant aspect of life. Be the tortoise, not the hare. Run the marathon, not the sprint. I also talk about the fact […]

The Jay Today Fitness Minute 002

It’s time for part 2 of the Jay Today Fitness Minute! Trust me, right now I enjoy podcasts a lot more than I do video – but I truly feel that all three mediums (blogs, videos, and podcasts) are extremely powerful ways to transmit information effectively. These short videos are my first foray into the […]

The Jay Today Fitness Minute 001

Hey all, hope you are doing great today. I’ve decided to start posting a very small, unscripted Video series on YouTube. I’m just going to post them right here on the blog – no fancy Video section. I want this blog to represent 3 things: Audio (Podcast), Video (YouTube), and the written word (Blog). I […]