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FDF 109: The Jay & Leigh Peele Holiday Fitness Special!

It’s time for the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast Holiday Special with Leigh Peele! Honestly, can you think of a better co-host for a Holiday edition? I can’t! Tweet Leigh shares her thoughts on Holiday weight gain, mindset for success, staying thin during this tempting time of year and more. We also talk about the NFL, […]

FDF 108: The Motivation Episode; Fat Loss & Fitness Motivation!

In this Episode of the show I go deep into the mindset and motivation techniques that have helped me stay in great shape for years. I also dig into some new areas that I’m just learning to implement. Tweet I also use some quotes by master motivator and teacher Jim Rohn to show key points […]

FDF 107: Jason Maxwell Talks Muscle Gain & Decembulk!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I discuss gaining muscle size, Decembulk, Movember and more with fitness coach Jason Maxwell! Tweet Jason is a great guy to turn to if you want to gain some size on your guns – but he’s also a great guy to help you launch a vehicle […]

Living In The Present For A Better Future

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.” -Eckhart Tolle I’ve been reading a great book – Practicing the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The reason this book is so great is because it teaches you not only to enjoy the present moment – but to embrace it as all you […]

FDF 106: Fat Loss & Fitness Talk with Scott Tousignant!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I talk bodybuilding, women’s weight loss, workouts, and more with my pal Scott Tousignant of metabolicmasterpiece.com! Tweet Scott is a return guest (actually I think he’s been on the show more than anyone) and there is a good reason why. Scott is a wealth of information […]

FDF 105: How To Lose Fat.

This episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast is a bit different. It’s the first of a series of “lessons” that I’m going to be providing. This one teaches you everything you need to know about fat loss. Tweet We cover how to establish a powerful vision with dynamic “reasons” why you should lose fat. […]

Worry Doesn’t Help You Attain Your Fitness Goals.

Hello my friend, welcome to the Full Disclosure Fitness Blog. I want to begin today with a quote from Walt Disney: “Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.” – Walt Disney I just returned from vacation at Walt Disney World yesterday. I had a great time […]

FDF 104: Ryan Bergren Discusses The Fitness Industry, Nutrition, & More!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I discuss the Fitness Industry, “muscle confusion”, and more with Medical Student, blogger, and fitness enthusiast Ryan Bergren! Tweet Ryan is a great guy and truly wants to help people achieve their fitness goals. He also studies fitness, nutrition, and mindset like a mad man – […]

FDF 103: Jay Talks Motivation, Calories, Women’s Fat Loss, & More!

In this Episode of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast I have an honest conversation with the listeners. I get a lot of similar questions from fans of the show and I decided to address them. Tweet In this show you’ll learn how to really lose weight, if women have a tougher time losing fat than […]

FDF 102: Robbie Farlow Talks Fitness, Comics, Video Games, & More!

Robbie Farlow, Host of The Side Quest Fitness Podcast comes on the show to talk shop! Robbie is a great guy and a great fitness coach.  It doesn’t take us long to get into some great topics. Tweet First of all, like me, Robbie is a bit of a nerd. And while he enjoys Comic […]